Visual Stories Bring the Past into the Present

Kasey Bergh and I met when we began collaborating on her website. She has a unique background, and she wanted to share many of her extraordinary stories in her blog Illuminating Insights from an Unconventional Life. This project was the beginning of a building process that gave Kasey a central location for her inspirational communications.

I also had the opportunity to photograph her in a variety of local settings. Kasey’s sense of adventure and flair for fashion made the sessions especially enjoyable.

The Story of the Schoolhouse

Kasey’s mother, Rosalie Bergh, was an active member of the community in Chesterfield, Missouri. She was named the Chesterfield Citizen of the Year in 2017. “Rosie” was instrumental in getting the ALT Schoolhouse moved to the Historical Village in Faust Park, one of her many contributions. A memorial plaque in her honor was donated by Kasey’s sister.

Visual Stories for the Generations

Kasey has a wonderful collection of keepsakes from her childhood. She asked me if I would like to photograph my granddaughter Grace with some of them. They included a small chair, a parasol, and several Easter bonnets. We decided that the Historical Village would be the perfect location for our photography adventure for many reasons. When Grace met Kasey, she warmed up to her almost immediately. They both love to play dress up, and Faust Park was the perfect setting for our photography adventure.

There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.
– J.K. Rowling

Photography by Caren Libby