The Vintage Photography Experience

Do you relate to a past era? Do you enjoy rummaging through antique stores? Are you a collector of vintage fashion and accessories? Do you combine the best of the past and present in your style?

The VINTAGE style reflects design elements from the past. Examples are Gothic and Victorian, Mid-century modern, 1950s, 1960s, Retro, Bauhaus, and Grunge. The designs are artistic with muted or bright colors and illustrations, depending on how you relate to this style.

The Elements of a Vintage Photography Experience

Kasey Bergh helps women realize their full potential and contribute their gifts at the highest level. Her blog articles about her extraordinary journey are fascinating and resourceful.

Kasey and I worked together to build her website, and she has participated in several photo sessions with me. She has an extraordinary collection of vintage-style clothing and accessories. Kasey is featured in two of my past posts:

During a recent photography adventure, Kasey and I stopped in serene Klondike Park and took a walk around the pond. Kasey’s vest, shirt, and bell-bottom pants blended beautifully with the sand and sky. During our visit to Missouri Wine Country, we were delighted to witness the recent upgrades to the charming town of Augusta. Kasey looked right at home in her fringed vest and printed pants.

Kasey’s Instagram feed is colorful and entertaining, especially when she shares her “What Would Kasey Wear Wednesdays.”

Emily Lane is the Chief Strategy Officer at Stars Design Group, and the creator of the podcast series Clothing Couture. She serves as COO for Stars’ sister company, INSPR. Emily launched United Couture, a Fashion Design Community. She’s the Co-Founder of Femme Ascend, a female empowerment group designed to lift, inspire and support one another. She’s also a cellist and artist advocate.

Emily is the ultimate vintage fashionista. Her designer clothing and accessory collections are works of art, and she loves to mix and match them. Emily, her dog Iggy Pup, and I spent an afternoon on a photo adventure on historical Cherokee Street.

Locations for a Vintage Photography Experience

There are many historic districts in metro St. Louis/St. Charles that are desirable destinations with a vintage vibe. They include Cherokee-Lemp, Soulard, Lafayette Square, Main Street St. Charles, and Missouri Wine Country. The photos below are in two of those neighborhoods.

The Cherokee-Lemp District in the city of St.Louis has been an historic district since 1980. It has solidly-built residential and commercial structures that have beautiful brickwork and colorful doorways. The eleven-block district spans the period from the late 1860s to 1915.

In the mid-19th century, immigrants from Germany’s Rhine River valley planted vineyards, built cellars, and created a wine culture that continues to grow throughout this picturesque community. The town of Augusta has several excellent Missouri wineries, unique specialty shops, B&B’s, and restaurants.

The way you dress is an expression of your personality. – Alessandro Michele


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