The Journey to Health, Happiness, and Authenticity

In 2021, I was introduced to Alyssa Hawn. She started a business as a holistic health coach, and she wanted to have a website with a blog and build up her social media platforms. She and I worked together to create an online presence that represented what she had to offer. It’s been exciting to watch her skills evolve and her clientele grow into a thriving practice.  I’ve had the opportunity to photograph Alyssa on three occasions. I’ve also worked with Alyssa as one of her clients, and it has been an extraordinary experience. She and I recently caught up, and she kindly agreed to answer the following questions about what she’s doing these days.

Alyssa, why did you become a holistic health coach?

From my late teens to early 30s, I suffered from debilitating chronic illness. I tried all the diets, supplements, medications, exercise routines, etc., but those things brought me small improvements at best. It wasn’t until I addressed my mind and spirit in addition to my body that I started thriving. Today, I wake up almost every day feeling happy and strong, and for so long I never imagined that would be possible. I truly believe that if I can heal myself, then anyone can. I became a health coach because I want to help people super-speed their health journeys. Because when we are healthy, we are happy, and the more happy people there are, the higher the vibration of the planet.

How did that lead you into becoming an intuitive healer?

I have always been very sensitive to energy and knew things intuitively about other people, but for a long time I didn’t have any knowledge or understanding of how to use my gifts. It wasn’t until I started health coaching that I began to understand how important energetics are to our health. I found ThetaHealing and Human Design, two healing modalities that really dive into energy as a tool and how to use it effectively. Energy is a superpower; it affects everything in our lives.

What is Human Design and Thetahealing?

Human Design is the science of differentiation. Everyone has a unique human design chart that is calculated by birth date, time, and place. Your individual chart will show the specific ways in which your energy moves and operates. As a certified human design reader, I can read charts and explain how your energy functions. In my readings, I offer strategies to help you live authentically, align with your higher purpose, thrive in your relationships, and maximize the experiences you are meant to have in this lifetime.

The ThetaHealing Technique is a powerful energy healing modality created by Vianna Stibal. In a session, I connect to the Creator of All That Is (aka God, Source, etc) and am guided toward what needs healing. I am constantly in communication with you as I witness physical or energetic healing through the release of limiting beliefs and the instilling of virtues. The power of ThetaHealing is incredible. This year, I’ve watched clients discover why their physical ailments started in the first place, free themselves from addiction, release long-standing prejudices, heal past traumas, and manifest amazing things like money, business, and new relationships…the list of what’s possible is limitless. 

How do these practices help you and your clients?

Basically, these practices have helped me and my clients become healthier, happier, and more authentic. The combination of nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and energetic healing is a recipe for beautiful transformation and self-understanding. I’ve watched clients heal Type 2 Diabetes, fatty liver, and IBS, as well as reverse uncomfortable symptoms like hair loss, constipation, PMS, and chronic headaches. Not only do they become physically healthier, but they are becoming more true to themselves. A big part of my practice involves deconditioning from what society tells you how you should be so you can live more authentically and in alignment with their gifts. 

What’s coming up as you head into a new year?

I recently partnered with a friend of mine, Chel Benyair, who is a Reiki practitioner to do a Theta-Reiki session on a mutual client. The experience was so powerful for all of us that Chel and I want to bring this hybrid modality out to more people. We’ll see where it goes! Right now we’re taking only taking clients in person in West Hartford, CT but maybe we’ll do it remotely someday.

How can people connect with you?

You can reach out to me through my website or join my mailing list to see what I’m up to. I write every 2-3 weeks. I’m also on Instagram @alyssahawnhealth or on Facebook. If what I say resonates, then I’d love to hear from you!

Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one. – Marianne Williamson

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