The Custom Photography Experience

This summer, I wrote and published a series about a variety of photography experiences that are based on style preferences. I was inspired to share this content after I created a Visual Brand Questionnaire and Style Guide for my clients. The guide was originally designed to help them make branding decisions about where they wanted to go with their website design and digital marketing. Their visual story helped us develop a consistent, effective plan to create and distribute content across their online platforms. The following articles offer ideas about telling stories at a glance with photography:

My role as a Visual Brand Photographer is to document where you are or want to be in your personal and professional journey. You may be starting a business, coaching clients, working for a company, or seeking employment, You may have an important project coming up like a speaking engagement, book launch, or a new website. You may be graduating to new experiences in your life. Below are several examples of how some of my clients’ photographs have been incorporated into their businesses.

Biofit with John Zarbock and Andrew Burr

Biofit is for people who want to hit their strength and weight loss goals faster. Their Results Formula can help you build strength and improve your life. I enjoy and benefit from my regular strength training workout at their facility in Richmond Heights, Missouri.

The photographs that I took of Co-owners John Zarbock and Andrew Burr are on their website and in their marketing materials.

Inner Power Now with Vicki Atlas

Vicki Atlas Israel is an Author, Mindset and Meditation Coach who helps her clients feel more aligned with their inner power. She has conducted training for corporate teams, and she has worked with hundreds of clients to help them feel more aligned with their inner power and soulful self.

When we met at Forest Park for a photo session, the light literally followed her around! These images are on her Inner Power Mindset website and in her book Inner Power NOW.

Tiny Sparks, Big Flames with Deb Gaut

Deb Gaut is a Leadership and Success Coach who shows her clients how to dream bigger dreams, plan for exponential success, and make their visions a reality. In 2022, Deb launched the podcast Tiny Sparks, Big Flames. She interviews inspiring creatives, innovators, and difference makers who are daring to live their dreams. The above photo of her and Drew Brodsky was taken during a taping session at Shock City Studios in St. Louis, Missouri.

Deb is also the author of several books, including Morph, Pivot, Launch™. She included this photo taken at the Jewel Box in Forest Park in her book.

What’s the Point? with Bill Ellis

In 2013, I met Bill Ellis in Forest Park for a photography session. Bill is a Brand Architect whose purpose is to make good brands better. As a consultant, a coach, a speaker, and an author, Bill helps people discover their purpose.  Since that session, I’ve taken photographs of many groups and individuals in and around that location.

When Bill wrote and published his book Women Who Won, he included this photo in the book and on the website. Women Who Won includes chapters about 28 inspiring and successful women who share intriguing life stories and profound insights from their experiences.

Fast forward to today, Bill has been interviewing fascinating guests for his What’s the Point? Podcast. You can listen to their compelling exchanges on his Branding Pillars website. In 2021, I took the photo of Bill that is on the graphic for the podcast. Thank you Bill for including me on your branding journey!

Telling HERstory with Rebecca Now, Tia Adkins, and Jenny Grace Morris

Voices of American HERstory (VOAH) is an educational arts project created to educate and enlighten new audiences through performances, interactive discussion, and inspiring stories about women. VOAH shines a light on women doing great things in our cities and communities through their historical reenactments, VOICES podcast, Saturday Voices virtual program, and VOICES: Rebecca Now & Then blog. I photographed Rebecca (Elizabeth Cady Stanton), Tia (Sojourner Truth), and Jenny (Susan B. Anthony) in the historic Hawken House Museum in Webster Groves, Missouri. Read more in this article:

Sharing Voices of American HERstory with Rebecca Now

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