The Content Marketing Cycle: Content Creation

Regardless of the size of an organization, effective content publishing requires a consistent, organized editorial strategy. These steps can help make the process flow easier.

• Gain leadership support and an understanding that the building process takes time and effort to work.
• Clearly define the audience personas for your business.
• Build a network of employees, partners and industry experts who can add valuable content and attract readers.
• Make sure that someone has primary responsibility to oversee the projects and simplify the workflow.
• Utilize material that has already been created for websites, company programs, blog archives and print collateral.
• Develop several forms of content (such as blog articles, white papers, presentations, videos and podcasts).
• Seek opportunities to have guest authors contribute to or be interviewed for a story.
• Stockpile your content assets so you can keep the quality high and the flow consistent.
• Create an editorial calendar that includes industry events and media deadlines.
• Analyze the data periodically and make adjustments to enhance the user experience.

When the content strategy is in place and deployed, you can measure its impact and reach.

Content Isn’t King, It’s the Kingdom.
― Lee Odden

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