The Content Marketing Cycle: Analysis

When it comes to analyzing the effectiveness of your Content Marketing Plan, defining your objectives and picking measurable metrics to support those goals should be part of your upfront strategy.

There are several tools that provide a snapshot of your online presence so you can determine what works best for your business and plan accordingly.

  • Buffer is an app (with detailed analytics) for managing multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Email Service Providers like Marketvolt have campaign tracking tools built into their programs.
  • Google Analytics is by far one of the best tools for tracking the details for analysis on your website activity.
  • Google Alerts allows you to receive emails of relevant Google results based on your queries.
  • Hootsuite is a social media management system that includes analytical tools.
  • Mention is an app for iPhone and Android for creating real-time alerts.
  • Social Mention is a social media platform that aggregates user-generated content into a single stream.

Management by objectives works if you first think through your objectives.

– Peter Drucker

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