The Classic Photography Experience

The CLASSIC style is luxurious and tasteful. It has an elegant design with rich colors and gold and silver accents. The look is timeless, chic, and exclusive. Classic fashion features tailored cuts, neat hems, and minimal detailing.

The Elements of a Classic Photography Experience

Dina Readinger in Forest Park

Dina Readinger is a Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, and Author. Dina designed her Diagnostic Thinking program to create inclusive cultures and high-performing women leaders. You can learn more about Dina on her company website at Ace Coaching Company. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Dina and her family over the past several years. During the late winter of this year, we met in Forest Park for a Visual Branding Session. Snow fell a few days earlier, and the combination of the snow and sunlight added a special quality to the photographs.

Dina’s style is a balance of chic and simplicity. Every time I’ve photographed her, she’s been dressed in high-quality clothing in neutral colors. She wears simple jewelry and accessories that add to her elegant appearance. Dina has a warm, friendly demeanor and a desire to make a powerful impact on women leaders. You can feel it when you’re in her presence.

Fred E. Miller in Forest Park

Fred E. Miller is an extraordinary Speaker, International Coach, and Author. He’s written five books and is an expert in training people how to master public speaking. His company website at No Sweat Public Speaking has a treasure trove of resources.

Fred’s style is the definition of classic…from the tailored, simple lines of his clothing to his conversation-starting accessories. In addition to sharing sage advice, Fred is a witty, charming man who keeps his audiences laughing…even if it’s only a party of one. 

Locations for Classic Photography Sessions

The Bandstand in Forest Park

Forest Park is a haven for a Classic Photography Experience because it has several buildings and structures that are in a classical style. One of my favorite places to take photographs is around The Muny, the World Pavilion, and the Visitor’s Center. In addition to the iconic St. Louis backgrounds, there are a wealth of neutral, textured walls and natural settings. Lafayette Park and Tower Grove Park are also versatile locations.

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph the staffs and facilities of several professional businesses on and off site. They often fit into this style.


Personal style has to do with your own confidence. And the sense of knowing what looks good on you, and a way of expressing your individuality. – Ralph Lauren

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