The Bridge to Productivity

The beginning of the year is an ideal time to evaluate what has worked in the past and what you would like to change. In my article Build a Bridge to Business Success, I focused on the elements that can help make a difference by setting the stage for getting organized and creating a positive, productive, and profitable outcome.

Eads Bridge by Caren Libby

I had been planning to make some changes and now was the time to put my company through the system that I had established for my clients. After I updated and filled in my Digital Planning Tool, I was ready to create a Digital Marketing Action Plan for the first quarter.

There is a difference this year. In the past, I’ve focused on specific actions that would impact my business. That was before the world had a collective experience of navigating the daily threat of a worldwide pandemic. The fear and uncertainty required a different approach to life and business, and I decided to make productivity, positivity. and creativity the basis for everything I planned to do in 2021. This is my direction going forward:

Maximizing My Digital Platforms

Since 2008, I have been blogging and participating in social media. It was the year that I became familiar with WordPress and started using it as a productivity tool. During the Great Recession, I discovered the value of digital communications and ultimately chose to make it the foundation for my company. In 2021, I’m using my experience to take these tools to another level – first for my business and ultimately for the benefit of my clients.

Brand and Content Development

As a web designer, I start projects with brand building for each client. Branding is much more than a visual aesthetic. Establishing a brand requires focus and clarity that helps to set the stage for growth and impact. The more emphasis that is put on this process, the easier it is to make decisions moving forward. Once you have a clear direction for your brand, content creation becomes a more joyful experience. This year, I’m putting more emphasis on professional photography for visual branding. Having high-quality images readily available for content development makes it easier to plan and publish.

Professional Communications

We have endless alternatives to share information and connect with other people. Effective communications require strategy and planning. First, it’s important to understand where you can reach your clients. Second, it’s beneficial to narrow your focus to topics that are relevant to your audience and their goals. Once that is established, you can create and implement a systematic plan to effectively communicate.

Meetings, Workshops, and Events

I’ve been actively engaged in the Saint Louis Business Club, a local resource network of professionals. When it was established in 2019, the members met on a weekly basis in person and virtually. We held workshops and special events that had to be shifted due to the pandemic.  The format started with options, and we were ready to make the shift to more virtual connections when it was necessary. I’ve also recently joined the Webster Groves/Shrewsbury/Rock Hill Chamber of Commerce. They offer several opportunities to get connected and actively involved.

Review, Maintain, and Follow Up

The essence of branding is establishing a consistent and powerful visual and written message that defines your value and resonates with your audience. My complementary services are designed to organize and build a brand that is purposeful and productive from start up to maintenance. I’ve had the honor of participating in a variety of unique projects since Image Media was established 13 years ago, and this is the year that it all comes together.

Implementing a plan for productivity is the bridge to future success!

Your mind and habits will create either barriers or bridges to a better future. – Al Siebert


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