The Artistic Photography Experience

The purpose of my Visual Brand Style Guide is to easily identify styles that may resonate with my clients. I created it as one of the tools that I use for building websites, and it’s been very effective in helping my clients make decisions about the brand direction they want to go. Most people can relate to more than one style. Some of them are better than others for a particular purpose. The guide is also an excellent tool for preparing for a Visual Branding Photography Session.

The ARTISTIC style consists of a mixture of textures and patterns, signature colors, unique accessories, and props. Your clothing may have creative shapes and designs. You typically enjoy wearing jewelry, vests, hats, or scarves in bold colors.

The Elements of an Artistic Photography Experience

Cynthia Correll is an award-winning Author, mixed-media Artist, and a Communication Architect. She takes a whimsical, entertaining approach to her work. Cynthia is dedicated to generating harmony all around her, and that is reflected in her art. Her inspiration comes from her spiritual beliefs and a vision for a world built around love, joy, and freedom.

In October of 2021, Cynthia published THE LAND OF AMPERSAND Where Imagination Runs Wild. The book provides an interactive experience with 60 colorful art images that Cynthia created. The Ampersand inhabitants are friendly, inspiring, and full of surprises. Cynthia received a national book design award at the NFPW national Communications Contest in Fargo, ND. She has displayed her visual art all over the country.

Cynthia’s artistic style is reflected in the way she combines colors, prints, and fun accessories into her seasonal wardrobe.

The Seasonal Influence on the Visual Brand Styles

Cynthia discovered the colors that work best for her several years ago. She frequently dresses in a feminine style that has a soft, pastel palette.

Her studio is an eclectic mix of her favorite books, artwork, art supplies, and creative collections (such as ampersands). It feels like a beautiful Spring day!

Cynthia has more creative activities in the works, and I’m excited to watch her unveil them. To learn more, check out her website! 

Locations for Artistic Photography Sessions

In addition to private studios, many St. Louis parks and neighborhoods have a plethora of natural and artistic backgrounds. The buildings in City Foundry STL have an impressive variety of textured walls. The murals in The Grove, University City, and along the Flood Wall on the St. Louis riverfront tell fascinating visual stories.

Art is a line around your thoughts. –  Gustav Klimt