The 10 Most Read Stories in 2022

During this past year, I published series on storytelling and photography experiences. I shared some of my local explorations with and without clients and described how the Autumn season influences me.  The following list includes links to the most read stories of 2022.

1. An Empowering Shift with Suzanne Rodgers

Suzanne Rodgers is a life and empowerment coach and licensed professional counselor. She focuses on helping people conquer negative behaviors and connect with themselves and others through unconditional love and living a healthy lifestyle. I had an opportunity to get to know her at a photo session in Faust Park. I also participated in her dynamic Ignite Your Life Through Sisterhood Retreat. Not only did I attend the event, I took photographs of the variety of activities at the Kabekona Hills Retreat Center.

2. The Custom Photography Experience

Photography tells stories at a glance in several ways. This “Photography Experience Series” is filled with ideas for locations, styling, poses, and more. Pictured above is Vicki Atlas Israel, an Author, Mindset and Meditation Coach who helps her clients feel more aligned with their inner power. When we met at Forest Park for a photo session, the light literally followed her around!

3. The Natural Photography Experience

My Visual Branding Sessions can include photography with multiple settings, specific styles, and outfit changes. The NATURAL style is casual and warm. It’s associated with nature and outdoor activity. Trevor York and I went to Quail Ridge Park for his senior photo session. His photo is an example of how to showcase the Natural Style.

4. Mastering Digital Storytelling: Story Development

Storytelling holds our attention, creates engagement, and helps us remember. Stories build community and emotional connection. It makes sense of information. Storytelling is an ancient art and a valuable form of human expression. Learn how The Story Spine can assist with story development.

5. Getting Wiser with Kathy Bernard

Photography has been an ideal way for me to get to know people, and photographing Kathy was a pleasure. She’s a speaker, career coach, a LinkedIn trainer, and a wonderful friend. Her story is an inspiration!

6. Mastering Digital Storytelling: The Back Stories

Storytelling is an essential form of communication. Discover how it has evolved since the days of cave painting.

7. Mastering Digital Storytelling: Visual Stories

Visual storytelling through imagery is a powerful method for capturing the attention of an audience. It can be done with video, photography, illustration, and a variety of other mediums. When I visited the Coloring STL exhibit at the Missouri History Museum, I was dazzled by the visual magic! The displays of creative color squares, coloring activities, and educational components are extraordinary.

8. The Journey to Health, Happiness, and Authenticity

Alyssa Hawn and I worked together to create an online presence that represented what she had to offer. It’s been exciting to watch her skills evolve and her clientele grow into a thriving practice.  I’ve had the opportunity to photograph Alyssa on three occasions. I’m also one of her clients, and our collaboration has been an extraordinary experience.

9. The Significance of the Autumn Season

Autumn is a wonderful season for reflecting, being mindful, and initiating a new vision.…personally and professionally.

10. Preparation for a Successful Photography Session

For business or casual portraits, it’s ideal to plan in advance for what you want to wear and bring to a photo session. I wrote this guide as a reference for my clients. This photo of the Readinger family in Forest Park was taken during our first photography session several years ago.

“Stories create community, enable us to see through the eyes of other people, and open us to the claims of others.”

– Peter Forbes

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