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When Image Media was launched in 2008, I began writing blog articles on WordPress. My articles are a combination of stories that I've written about clients, creative projects, valuable resources, interesting people and places, and what I've learned during my years as an entrepreneur.


The Journey to Health, Happiness, and Authenticity

In 2021, I was introduced to Alyssa Hawn. She started a business as a holistic health coach, and she wanted to have a website with a blog and build up her social media platforms. She and I worked together to create an online presence that represented what she had to …

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Exploring Downtown St. Louis

For several years, I’ve been photographing the local neighborhoods with friends, family, and photography groups. Being a photographer helps me see many of the details through my lens. In addition to personal styles like the ones I mention in my Photography Experiences series, the environments where we work and play …

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The Custom Photography Experience

This summer, I wrote and published a series about a variety of photography experiences that are based on style preferences. I was inspired to share this content after I created a Visual Brand Questionnaire and Style Guide for my clients. The guide was originally designed to help them make branding …

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Making an Impact with Visual Storytelling

Storytelling is how our ancestors passed history down from generation to generation. Technology has made it possible for people to share their stories on a global scale. Professionally, visual storytelling can be about events that you’re attending, your latest project, introducing a new product or service, and sharing client successes. …

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