Creative Services

In addition to photography, my creative services provide an opportunity for you to build and grow a powerful online presence at the level that you need.

Digital Planning Tool

Is your web presence up to date? Are you established on one or more social media platforms? Have you set up and created email newsletters? Do you have stories to share? This planning tool will ask the questions that will get your project off the ground.

Visual Brand Style Guide

This guide will help you determine the look and feel of your brand.

Brand Storybook

Your Brand Storybook is a detailed document that deciphers your information and sets the stage for developing a strategy and creating your customized Content Creation System.

Digital Content Calendar

When the system is established, a Content Calendar provides a monthly snapshot of the actions that will be taken.

Weekly Digital Media Planner

The planner illustrates the graphics, photographs, and captions for the social media posts that are planned for the upcoming week.

When the set-up process is complete, I'll create a Content Creation System that is specific to the goals that you have for your business.