When a client wants to begin a website project, it’s essential for me to understand their goals. I spent many years learning, experimenting and figuring out the most efficient techniques. Along the way, it became clear that a systematic, repeatable process for creating digital assets was a necessity.

For the past few years, I’ve focused on guiding clients through creative and purposeful brand development prior to starting a website project. My Digital Planning Tool has helped us make decisions that determine the direction, look and feel of their brand. The result is the creation of a visual Brand Storybook that guides their brand’s purpose and mission.

Creating an engaging brand can be challenging whether you’re starting out or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur. In my Restyling Your Brand workshop there is an additional benefit of working with a group of people who can share ideas and provide feedback. During our time together, we:

  • Define your unique essence
  • Utilize a simple tool for developing your brand story
  • Discover a style that fits your business

As a result of this focused practice, my clients have a practical and consistent format for restyling their brand, upgrading their digital assets and sharing their unique value and offerings to the world.

Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.

– Jonah Sachs

About Caren Libby

Caren has a corporate and entrepreneurial background in web design, marketing and project management. She also has a passion for photographing people and places in St. Louis and beyond. Caren can maximize your visibility and elevate your sales potential by building an engaging and dynamic digital foundation that brings your compelling business story and long-term goals to life.

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