Resources for Building Your Visual Brand

Publishing blog articles is an excellent way to share and store content that has value for you and your clients. This compilation has references to articles that were written about visual branding.  They serve as resources to build and grow your personal and professional brand.

The Time to Build Your Brand is Now

We have access to a myriad of devices that make it easy for us to create and distribute content, connect with other people, and make our voices heard. Whether you’re a business owner or a job seeker, this can be an opening for you to make positive changes and a lasting impact.


Discover the Power Within

Katie and Steve Banister started a business to educate on the culture of disability, to empower others though their personal journey, and to do it in an entertaining way. Katie is also a poet, writer, singer, and actor. Her book On a Roll: How It Feels to be on Wheels will be performed as a stage play in the fall. They have a remarkable story, and they continually inspire me!


Get Started with Visual Branding

If you want to figure out your visual brand style, begin by reviewing your digital assets. My Visual Brand Questionnaire and Style Guide will help you narrow down colors, fonts, and images. It helps set the stage for the look and feel that you can create in person and online.


The monthly IMAGE MEDIA CREATIVE STUDIO Newsletter will have ideas and resources for building your visual brand and much more. It will debut in August 2022.

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