Reflections from an Unexpected Respite

2020 has been a year of tremendous change around the world. Almost everyone has had to adapt to a life that we couldn’t have imagined. There have been many times when I’ve had to pivot personally and professionally. Those episodes have helped me adapt to situations that were in many cases out of my control. I learned how to take those experiences and use them to build a more rewarding life; however, this year was a game changer.

In November, I had another surprise! On my way to meeting a friend for dining al fresco, I tripped and fell on a concrete sidewalk. The result was a broken elbow and several fractures in my right arm. During my recovery. I was unable to use my dominant hand and had to adjust to living and working without it. The week prior to my fall, I had attended a personal development program that was created by Google. Search Inside Yourself  teaches practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership tools to unlock your full potential at work and in life. In addition to drawing from past experiences, the techniques that I learned in that course helped me manage this new challenge.

Instead of fretting over this temporary setback, I decided to focus on the positive and to use the time not only for healing but for inner reflection and conscious planning for the future. In addition to help from my family and friends, I had many tools at my disposal to move forward. Many of my plans were already a work in progress. This unexpected “trip” gave me an opportunity to set some of them in motion faster.

Looking Back

My time at home gave me a chance to review and evaluate my business, organize my files. and refine my systems for greater efficiency.

Living in the Now

My primary goal was to do what was necessary to recover. My daily focus had to be on my health and managing my business as much as I could. I had to postpone projects that required a high level of hands-on technical skill. That included complex web design projects plus taking and processing photographs. I also had to retrain my brain and rely on resources (such as the dictation tool that is part of the Windows program) to compensate for the loss of using my dominant hand. I embraced the simple joys of the holiday season. Patience was my best friend.

Looking Forward

Typically, this is the time to set goals and prepare for another year. Before the accident, I had decided to make some changes to my business model and offerings. I was able to do a lot of research and create plans that support this new direction.

2021 has the potential for many impactful possibilities. The shifts that we’ve been through this past year are setting the stage for making powerful changes that are in alignment with where we are at this time in our history. This respite came along at the perfect time.

My best ideas almost always come from winding up in unexpected places and stumbling across things I never could have imagined in advance.

– Damian Kulash

Photo by Caren Libby – The Muny Bandstand – St Louis, Missouri

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