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Entrepreneurs: Dina ReadingerAce Coaching Company and Judy Ryan – Lifeworks Systems

Focus: It’s Time to Evolve Now!

Story: Judy and Dina are the perfect team to provide concepts and tools to help people be hopeful, kind, wise, resilient, influential and happy. Their mission is to create conditions and conversations where all people love their lives.

That is why they’re hosting and producing a new television program called EVOLVE NOW! The program is on the AH! Network, and it will be streamed nationally from St. Louis, Missouri. They will be featuring guests and sponsors plus an audience that is interested in helping each other EVOLVE in society, at home, and in schools, churches, political environments, workplaces and more.

They will produce 13 weekly episodes for their first season. The launch date is August 29.

Photography: I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Judy and Dina in the past, and I was delighted to learn that they were working together. We met in Forest Park for a photo session. The park has a variety of locations that include beautiful buildings, bridges, benches, and many more possibilities for creating settings for portrait photography.

To learn more about EVOLVE NOW!, view this 45-second introduction to their program:

“You are an endless project… changing, evolving, surprising.”

 James Patterson

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