Personal and  Professional Journeys

Preparation for a Successful Photography Session

Portraits that are shot on location should be an enjoyable experience, especially when you come prepared for the adventure. Location and Scheduling Select a location that has a variety of backgrounds, such as natural landscapes and buildings that have brick, wood or stone facades. Parks that have historical buildings are ideal. For best results, sessions should be scheduled in mid-morning or mid-to-late afternoon, depending on the season. If children will be participating, mornings are usually…

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5 Lessons Learned from My First Decade as an Entrepreneur

January 1, 2018 was the 10th anniversary of my company Image Media. My passion for business began in high school. My father and his partner owned their own company, and I was fascinated by the inner workings. I spent one summer working in their office and decided to go to secretarial school after high school graduation. I knew that I would go to college when the time was right, and 20 years later, I earned…

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The Art of Storytelling

It started when I was three. My grandfather nicknamed me “Gabby” because I was always talking about something. I had a need to share what was going on around me with anyone who would listen. As I matured, my self-expression took on other forms – like drawing and painting. How I loved to open a box of colorful crayons and see what my imagination could deliver to a blank piece of paper.

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