Mastering Digital Storytelling: Visual Stories

In previous blog articles, I focused on The Back Stories and Story Development in mastering digital storytelling. Advances in technology have opened doors for almost everyone to share stories online. Visual storytelling through imagery is a powerful method for capturing the attention of an audience. It can be done with video, photography, illustration, and a variety of other mediums. As a photographer and visual learner, it’s my goal to get better at telling stories with images. I’m paying more attention to the way that photographers, graphic designers, and filmmakers use composition, light, and color to create a mood, evoke an emotion, and tell a story with a sequence of images.

Five Tips for Creating Visual Stories

  1. Know your audience.
  2. Begin with the end in mind.
  3. Be strategic in your use of visual elements.
  4. Build content for the web.
  5. Show and tell.

A Colorful Demonstration

When I visited the Coloring STL exhibit at the Missouri History Museum, I was dazzled by the visual magic! The displays of creative color squares, coloring activities, and educational components are extraordinary.

This is how they covered the five tips:

  1. Visitors, especially from St. Louis, relate to the variety of architecture.
  2. This creative exhibit has been in the works for many years.
  3. The visual elements are the stars of the show!
  4. Some of the displays look like they’re on the web.
  5. The combination of visuals, interactivity, and written content is brilliant!

I highly recommend a visit and sharing your experiences and photos online. It will be open through May 5, 2024.

Visual storytelling utilizes both language and art to pass on the essence of who we are. – Debbie Millman

Coloring STL exhibits photographed by Caren Libby

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