Making an Impact with Visual Storytelling

Storytelling is how our ancestors passed history down from generation to generation. Technology has made it possible for people to share their stories on a global scale. Professionally, visual storytelling can be about events that you’re attending, your latest project, introducing a new product or service, and sharing client successes. Personally, it’s a way to keep your friends and family up to date on your latest activities, experiences, causes you’re supporting, and milestones.

What’s the Story?

Adding photos, illustrations, graphs, and infographics to your content makes it easier to:

  1. Attract attention. Images draw readers in. They provide a quick way to get their attention. When you’re creating content, choose visuals that complement the topic and related text. ACTION: Make it a priority to incorporate images that tell your stories.
  2. Share information. You can communicate easily without the use of words. Through the image’s subject matter and setting, you notify readers without the use of words. ACTION: Choose visuals that deliver a consistent message.
  3. Reinforce your brand. Integrate consistent image formats, colors, and design into your content. They create a recognizable and unique visual story of your brand.  ACTION:  Set consistent standards for your brand and add visuals that complement them.
  4. Keep your content snackable. Photographs and graphics break up blocks of text and add a design element to your content. Do you have a limitation on text? This is a good way to get the message out without it. ACTION: Think about how images are placed in your content and how it relates to the headings and text.
  5. What about SEO for images? Add ALT Text (include a title and description) to images when possible to make them easier to find in a search. Written content that is placed before or after an image can have keywords that help identify it. ACTION: When you add an image, make it a habit to include ALT Text where it’s possible.

Portfolio on Caren Libby's Photography WebsiteThe Power of Photography

I’ve been creating visual and written content for my clients and my company in the form of websites, blog articles, social media posts, and email newsletters for 14 years. Some of the images are custom and some of them are curated from professional photography services.

Image Media LLC began as a photography business because I understood the power of the visual story and its impact. Photography fuels my creative expression and connects me to people, places, and experiences that I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. Visual storytelling gives it a greater purpose.

“We learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words.” – John Medina, Brain Rules

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