Image Media’s Top Blog Posts of 2016

A year ago, I posted the top blog posts of 2015. My blogging slowed down in 2016 because it was a pivotal year. I had the opportunity to develop blogging systems for several clients and help them craft their articles. I also took on the role of Community Director at Medici MediaSpace, a collaborative, membership-based community that is dedicated to building and growing businesses, cultivating an abundance mindset, and developing processes that enable people to be part of flexible, but disciplined projects. In 2016, my top blog posts were:

A Cup of Quality Content with Judy Ryan
I’ve been blogging since 2008, and it has been a rewarding way to share and communicate. The act of writing is a very educational experience, and in 2017, I’m committed to taking it to another level.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. ~  Isaac Asimov

Caren Libby

Caren Libby

Caren has a corporate and entrepreneurial background in marketing and project management. She frequently collaborates with a variety of service providers on full-service marketing projects. She also has a passion for photographing people and places in St. Louis and beyond.
Caren Libby

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