How to Plan for a Visual Branding Photo Session

When I started Image Media in 2008, my focus was on photographing families and events. When I began building websites and creating digital marketing programs the following year, my sessions transitioned to more photography for business. They included head shots plus group and environmental images that were related to a company’s marketing and activities.

Getting Started

This year, I photographed my holistic health coach Alyssa Hawn. We were collaborating on building her new website and online presence. Alyssa responded to my Photo Questionnaire and utilized my Visual Brand Style Guide tool to help make decisions about the best way to tell her story. When I arrived at her family home, she had her clothing selections and props ready to go. She was well prepared for our photo adventure. We started with a coffee mug in the brightly-lit sun room.

Showcasing Your Skills

The spacious kitchen was an ideal location for showcasing Alyssa’s specialty in Integrative Health Medicine. She has customized her Vitality Restoration Program to create sustainable, long-term results. I’ve been on the program for three months, and it’s been a game changer! She has already helped me:

  • create a healthy lifestyle
  • nutrify my body and lose weight
  • find beneficial strategies and resources
  • overcome fears and limiting beliefs

Being Resourceful

Alyssa practices yoga and encourages her clients to incorporate meditation and physical exercise into their daily routines. There are several recipes and helpful tips on her blog.

Doing What You Do Best

If you’re a busy woman trying to live your purpose and in need of support, reach out to Alyssa. She’s been through her own challenging health journey. Through trial and error,  she was able to reverse her chronic diseases within a year. She also learned how to start living in alignment with her authentic desires. She can help women achieve amazing health and well-being through her process. Learn more about Alyssa in this interview on Dina Readinger’s Confident Women Show. You can connect with Alyssa on her website and social platforms.

My collaboration with Alyssa has been a special experience. When I shared this article with her, she suggested that I include her testimonial about our work together.

I was looking for help building a website for my new business and also for a photographer, and I got lucky finding Caren! She is a master of design, photography, content, and more. Caren worked very collaboratively with me, asking the right questions and responding quickly to my wants and needs. In the end, she helped me create my dream website that really looks and feels like me, and the process was super easy. What’s more is that Caren is an exceptional human being. Kind, friendly, funny, talented, and motivated, she is just a pleasure to partner with. – Alyssa Hawn

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