Getting Started with Visual Branding

When clients book a photography session, they often ask my advice. They’re interested in learning about the best locations. They want to know what clothing, colors, and accessories they should wear. They want guidance for determining their visual branding. I wrote the following articles to answer many of their questions:

If you want to determine your visual brand style, begin by reviewing your digital assets. My Visual Brand Questionnaire is a guide for narrowing down colors, fonts, and images. It helps set the stage for the look and feel that you can apply to your unique digital assets.
We begin with six categories as a starting point for choosing the best fit for your visual brand. The categories are:
  • The CONTEMPORARY style is minimalistic. It centers around essential elements, colors, shapes, and textures that serve a purpose.  The content is the focal point, and it has a sophisticated look and feel. It has a clean design with minimal colors and bold accents. It can include geometric shapes, gradient backgrounds, and simple graphics. Typography is in sans serif fonts.
  • The CLASSIC style is luxurious and tasteful. It has an elegant design with rich colors and gold and silver accents. The look is timeless, chic, and exclusive. The typography is elegant with a flair.  It can be a mix of serif and sans-serif fonts.
  • The ARTISTIC style is fun and energetic. It has brilliant colors, creative logos, patterns, and textures. The typography is bold. It often features illustration plus colorful designs and textures.
  • The VINTAGE style reflects design elements from the past. Examples are Gothic and Victorian, mid-century modern, 1950s, retro, Bauhaus, and Grunge. The designs are artistic with muted or bright colors and illustrations. Typography can be multi-colored with a mix of serif and sans serif fonts.
  • The NATURAL style is earthy, casual, and warm. It can have charming, adventurous, and rustic features, hand illustrations and fonts. You can add leather, wool, linen, and denim textures in backgrounds. Add natural elements like produce, leaves, and florals to the design.
  • The FEMININE style has a an air of romance, soft textures, florals, and cursive fonts. It has pastel colors, watercolor backgrounds, and a chic bohemian look.
Determining your visual branding is a springboard for making decisions.

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