Exploring Downtown St. Louis

For several years, I’ve been photographing the local neighborhoods with friends, family, and photography groups. Being a photographer helps me see many of the details through my lens. In addition to personal styles like the ones I mention in my Photography Experiences series, the environments where we work and play have a specific look and feel. The neighborhoods of St. Louis are known for their unique architecture and characteristics. It’s one of many reasons why I was drawn to Photo Flood St. Louis, a photography group that was formed in 2012. The members meet in different locations in metro St. Louis to learn new skills, develop ideas, to deepen their understanding of the area, and to build relationships.

The Essence of the Neighborhoods
The history and culture of the eclectic environments make storytelling a joy because there is so much to share. That’s particularly evident in the visual stories that are part of the Coloring STL exhibit that is at the Missouri History Museum. Whether you’re in the suburbs, a rural community, or a city center, you’ll discover interesting textures, patterns, objects, and colors that have distinct characteristics.

The Colors of Downtown St. Louis
The Gateway Arch National Park is a memorial that commemorates the Louisiana Purchase and the westward movement of American explorers and pioneers. The Gateway Arch was completed in 1965, and the surrounding area was renovated and became the “Gateway Arch National Park” in 2018.  The Old Courthouse is part of the national park. Downtown St. Louis is a blend of old and new architecture that has a palette of neutral textures, clay-colored buildings, and a myriad of reflections of the skies above.

“I believe that, through the act of living, the discovery of oneself is made concurrently with the discovery of the world around us.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Photography by Caren Libby

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