Discovering the Power Within

In Reflections from an Unexpected Respite, I described how I handled an experience that had a dramatic impact on my life. Anyone who has been through something similar knows what is involved when you have to step back and focus on healing your body as your top priority. In the news, we’ve heard about celebrities who have been through harrowing experiences. Ashley Judd had a horrific accident in the Congo that resulted in serious breaks in her legs, and Tiger Woods suffered serious injuries to his leg and foot as the result of a traffic accident. The pain is terrible, and the recovery requires time, hard work, and an incredible amount of patience regardless of your background. These “side trips” can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life!

Discover, Imagine, and Create

Because of the injury to my right arm, I couldn’t drive or do the simplest of activities with my dominant hand for several weeks. I couldn’t pursue my passion for photography because I couldn’t lift or bring a camera to my face. I’m heading into my fourth month of recovery and am grateful to be this far along. I’ll get my arm back, and I’m stronger and more determined than ever to do the things I’m meant to do. The healing had to come first!

My family and friends have helped me get through this difficult time, and I’m eternally grateful for their care and attention. I was able to keep up with most of my work. The rest of it had to be postponed until I was further along in my healing. What I could do was discover, imagine – and create! When you lose something precious, it’s possible to find other ways to live your life.

Katy and Steve Banister

Roll Models

During this time, I’ve thought many times about my clients and friends Katie and Steve Banister. Katie was in a rollover accident over 30 years ago that resulted in a spinal injury. She had to learn not only how to function without the use of much of her body, she also had to cope with the mental frustrations of losing control. She was blessed to meet her husband Steve who has helped her fulfill the destiny that she couldn’t have imagined when she was in her twenties. They started a business to educate on the culture of disability, to empower others though their personal journey, and to do it in an entertaining way.

By example, Katie has helped me grasp the reality that you can have a positive influence on the world around you by managing what is between your ears. If you’re looking for inspiration to make the most of your power within, their website and Katie’s memoir On a Roll: How It Feels to be on Wheels are fantastic resources.

You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself. – Wizard of Oz

Photo by Caren Libby – Katie and Steve Banister – Blackburn Park, Webster, Groves, Missouri

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