The Content Marketing Cycle: Email

As a Marketing Specialist, I’ve developed and managed professionally-designed email marketing programs for large corporations and small businesses. The major advantages of email communication – when it’s done properly – is you have permission to share your message and interact with your customers and prospects directly. You can strategically create, send, track and measure email.

With email, you have a golden opportunity to use this automated sales and marketing tool to:

  • Send communications to an audience that has specific interests.
  • Build buzz and anticipation for upcoming events.
  • Offer incentives that increase opens, click-throughs and conversions.
  • Share success stories and testimonials from happy clients.

There are a wealth of ideas on how to market with email on the blog at Marketvolt, a digital marketing software and services firm based in St. Louis,

Email marketing remains among the most effective tools to engage followers, identify your best prospects, and close sales. – Tom Ruwitch

This is the sixth of eight articles that focus on the major components of creating a content marketing plan.

Photo by Caren Libby – Centene Complex – Clayton, Missouri

Caren Libby

Caren Libby

Caren has a corporate and entrepreneurial background in marketing and project management. She frequently collaborates with a variety of service providers on full-service marketing projects. She also has a passion for photographing people and places in St. Louis and beyond.
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