Build a Bridge to Business Success

For the past decade, I’ve been developing a systematic process for helping clients create and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. The tools have improved, but the choices can be daunting. Each business has a different set of goals – from changing their branding and messaging to enticing an audience to take a look at their products and services to building and maintaining successful relationships.

Companies and individuals experience an ebb and flow as their goals shift with the times. Their digital presence needs to adjust accordingly. I found myself in that situation and decided to revisit my process by becoming my own client. The experience helped me understand what I offer from a client’s perspective. It also provided an opportunity to create tools that added more value and efficiency.

Getting Clear About the Vision

Along the way, I documented my process and created a Digital Marketing Action Plan for Image Media. It’s a bridge for my business that can also be customized for my clients. The action plan has clearly-defined goals and a specific plan for how I want to move forward in 2018 and beyond. It includes a guide for:

  • Maximizing my digital platforms
  • Brand and content development
  • Professional communications
  • Meetings, workshops and events
  • Review, maintenance and follow-up

How Do You Build a Bridge?

It begins with clarity about what you want to achieve over the long term. With my Digital Planning Tool, you can determine where you need to focus and plan for taking the steps that will build your bridge to success. My services include a variety of digital marketing and photography plans that are customized for each client. My digital marketing design process is designed for companies that need a comprehensive, full-service program.

Taking the time to be my own client has given me valuable insight and guidance for providing more opportunities for clients to build a bridge to business success.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

~ Jim Rohn

Photo by Caren Libby – Missouri Botanical Garden – St Louis, Missouri

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