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Taking the leap to be an entrepreneur has been an extraordinary journey. This collection of articles is filled with stories and resources from those experiences.

5 Lessons Learned from My First Decade as an Entrepreneur

January 1, 2018 was the 10th anniversary of my company Image Media. My passion for business began in high school. My father and his partner owned their own company, and I was fascinated by the inner workings. I spent one summer working in their office and decided to go to…

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The Art of Storytelling

It started when I was three. My grandfather nicknamed me “Gabby” because I was always talking about something. I had a need to share what was going on around me with anyone who would listen. As I matured, my self-expression took on other forms – like drawing and painting. How…

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The Strategy of Lasting Memories

When I lived in Northern California, I was an independent manufacturers’ representative in the gift and apparel industries. I worked with a variety of retailers who were mostly small business owners. The competition was fierce, and the idea of working on 100% commission was daunting at first. But I just…

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Building a Content Marketing Plan

During my marketing career, I have learned how essential it is to have a strategic plan – whether you’re working in a corporate environment or running a small business. This presentation is an overview of the Content Marketing Cycle, which is designed to provide a sense of direction for organizing…

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The Content Marketing Cycle: Analysis

When it comes to analyzing the effectiveness of your Content Marketing Plan, defining your objectives and picking measurable metrics to support those goals should be part of your upfront strategy. About the Author Latest Posts About Caren Libby Caren has a corporate and entrepreneurial background in web design, marketing and project…

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The Content Marketing Cycle: Collateral

Marketing collateral is a collection of media that represents a brand and supports the sales of a product or service. People typically prefer to know more about a business before they consider what they have to offer, and your online presence and print collateral often serve as their first impression. Today’s…

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