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Taking the leap to be an entrepreneur has been an extraordinary journey. This collection of articles is filled with stories and resources from those experiences.

Instagram Storytelling

As a photographer, I’ve been drawn to Instagram since it launched in 2010. The interface is visually appealing, clean and simple, and it offers multiple opportunities to share, connect, promote and sell. It’s easy to use, especially from a Smartphone, and there are endless ways that you can customize and…

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A S.MA.R.T. Plan for Content Marketing

Building an editorial calendar with relevant content can help you engage your audience and achieve your goals. In my Content Marketing Cycle: Strategy article, there is a list of strategic S.M.A.R.T. goals that need to be determined before you come up with the content. Maintaining a list of online resources…

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A Passion for Photography

When I caught the photo bug, I was hooked for life! With each decade came different ways to capture moments in time. When I was raising children, I enjoyed learning how to compose a scene and use light to create better images. I also learned how to go with the…

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Crafting Your Story for a New Year

Several years ago, I worked with a young man who was breaking into the film industry. He had earned his degree in screenwriting and was learning how to get more established on the web. We worked on brand development, setting up a blog and a plan for sharing and exchanging…

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Eads Bridge by Caren Libby

Build a Bridge to Business Success

For the past decade, I’ve been developing a systematic process for helping clients create and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. The tools have improved, but the choices can be daunting. Each business has a different set of goals – from changing their branding and messaging to enticing an audience…

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Preparation for a Successful Photography Session

“What should I wear?” or “What should I bring?” are questions that clients often ask when they schedule a portrait session. Portraits that are shot on location should be an enjoyable experience, especially when you come prepared for the adventure. Location and Scheduling Select a location that has a variety…

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