An Empowering Shift with Suzanne Rodgers

Suzanne Rodgers is a life and empowerment coach and licensed professional counselor. She focuses on helping people conquer negative behaviors and connect with themselves and others through unconditional love and living a healthy lifestyle.

We connected on Facebook through a referral and eventually met in person at a Visual Branding Photography Session in Faust Park. Suzanne brought outfit changes and props that fit her personal and professional role as a cheerleader who wants the best for humanity. Her style for the session was a creative blend of classic, artistic and natural. No matter what she wears, Suzanne radiates positive energy!

Living Well with Suzanne Rodgers is the company that Suzanne founded to provide mental health therapy, life and empowerment coaching, and Living Well programs.

A Cathartic Liberation

Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason, and it became clear that my connection to Suzanne was meant to be. Prior to the photo session, she asked if I would be interested in participating in her Ignite Your Life Through Sisterhood Retreat. Not only did I attend the event, I took photographs of the activities during the beautiful October weekend.

Twenty women met at the Kabekona Hills Retreat Center located near Rolla, Missouri. The lodge and event center are nestled among tree-laden hills surrounding a sparkling lake. In addition to eating healthy meals that were prepared for us, we attended meditation and yoga sessions, “Chat and Cheer” gatherings led by Suzanne, and several other entertaining and educational experiences. During our free time, we had the opportunity to take nature walks, boat rides, or whatever struck our fancy.

The retreat was the result of a goal that Suzanne set in 2021 to bring women together to create more purpose, intention, and passion into their lives. With help from her husband Rich, her daughter Brianna, and several wellness practitioners, she was able to fulfill her dream.

The Fire Within

On the last evening of the retreat, we gathered around a fire for a ceremony. It was a symbolic occasion that was designed to support release and healing. Fire is a transformational element, and it provides a way to honor our lessons and let go of old beliefs so the soul can heal. Each participant wrote down what they wanted to release on a card that was thrown into the fire and surrendered to the universe.

The group consisted of mixed generations – women in various stages of dealing with life’s challenges. I’ve been where many of them are now, and I recognized their struggles with raising children, nurturing relationships, building careers, and care giving. My life is very different now, and I want to make the most of this special time. My fire continues to burn bright, and there is much to do. Bring it on!

The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation.”– Vernon Howard

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