A Focus on Strategy: Plan for Success

It begins with strategy!

Marketing strategy is the road map to achieving greater results, such as brand recognition, sales growth and higher market penetration. A well-developed strategy simplifies the marketing process because it makes the implementation of the initiatives clear and manageable.

When I’m collaborating with a client, it’s essential to understand what they want to achieve before I begin a specific project. For example, the staff at the former Rockwood Bank wanted to create a web presence that reflected their goal to consistently reach out to and interact with their customers. In addition to launching a new website, updating their social platforms and implementing an email marketing campaign, they established an Education Center and Community Seminar Series that connects local experts with their staff and members of the community.

What are the primary benefits of strategic planning?

When the strategy is in place, a comprehensive marketing plan:

  • translates the company vision, mission and objectives into effective marketing initiatives
  • saves time and money by focusing on the initiatives and the resources that support the overall business objectives
  • identifies potential opportunities
  • utilizes tools that make the job easier
  • serves as a foundation for all the communication campaigns
  • improves the effectiveness of the marketing message to customers
  • creates consumer preference for the brand

An effective marketing strategy is realistic, easy to understand and practical. It also makes communication initiatives easier to develop. A strategic and consistent plan lays the groundwork for increasing sales and profits.

Always focus on the front windshield and not the rearview mirror. ― Colin Powell


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