Web Design, Digital Marketing and Photography Services

Do you want to elevate your brand, optimize your digital assets and grow your business?

Meet Caren

Digital Storyteller, Web Designer and Photographer

Caren Libby founded Image Media LLC in 2008. She works with clients to maximize their visibility and reach their goals with an engaging, dynamic digital foundation that brings their compelling business story to life. Caren's services are designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to expand their audience and increase their sales.

Caren Libby - Image Media LLC
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Begin your journey by discovering and documenting the unique stories of your personal and professional brand. A custom Smart Page or Multi-page website will be designed to grow with you and your business.

Jerome Howe, Inc.

Images are the "universal language" that reveal your unique narrative across many platforms. Build your brand with custom photographs that tell the personal and professional stories of your journey at a glance.

Central Hub

The full Build Business Studio program includes branding, web design, digital marketing and photography services that grow your client base, maximize your value and increase your long-term potential for success.